Whether you need commercial, office or house cleaning, Katy & Jerry Cleaning has it covered. Our cleaners are skilled, diligent, courteous and reliable, which helps explain why so many of our clients are happy to recommend us.

Sydney's top residential cleaning services and commercial cleaners

We're different. Whether it's residential cleaning services, commercial cleaners or an office cleaning service you need, Katy & Jerry Cleaning will not blithely promise to do a premium job cheaply. Your peace of mind is too important for that. Instead, we pledge to do a meticulous clean at a fair but still competitive rate. That means no once-over-lightly work by us, and the assurance of a fantastic job for you.

Your office

A corporate look, each and every time

The desks are wiped down, the carpet is cleaned and deodorised, the tearoom is sparkling and the restroom gleaming. Visiting clients are impressed and the staff is happy. Thank you, Katy & Jerry Cleaning!

Your commercial premises

You mean business – and so do we

Whether a medical centre, gym, bank or school, all is spotless. We choose our cleaners carefully, train them well and ensure they have equipment that's just right for the job. Such care shows.

Your strata premises

Top job on those tiles, team!

There’s nothing like dirt, grime and disorder in the wrong places to bring down property values. Thankfully, Katy and Jerry Cleaning is on the case. Cleaning hard surfaces is just one of our skills.

Your home

Turn the key and step into ... your haven

Your home should be your refuge in an often harsh world. Too many calls on your time to keep it properly clean? Call us! We will turn it into a bright and orderly space where you can recharge your spirit.

Your old life

No need for concern

You’re ending your lease. You have a long "must-do" list – how will you fit in a thorough cleaning job on the home you're vacating? Don't worry, for move-out cleaning is a Katy & Jerry Cleaning specialty.

Your quality of life

We’ll soon have you sitting pretty

Unsettled by stains on the furniture? Upholstered furniture cleaning, suede furniture cleaning and cleaning a leather sofa can be tricky work – why not leave it to some of the best cleaners in Sydney?
Regular home cleaning
Whether you want your house, townhouse, apartment or unit cleaned daily, weekly, or fortnightly, we have an arrangement that's sure to suit. On-time arrivals are guaranteed.
Moving out cleaning / End-of-lease cleaning
Moving on and worried about the bond? Call in Katy & Jerry. We will do a thorough job of cleaning the home you are vacating, working to a long and comprehensive checklist.
home cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Whether it’s cleaning a carpet or cleaning a rug, if our cleaners are on the case you will be in good hands. We're the experts.
Window & blind cleaning
This is fiddly and tricky work, especially if done on site. Save your time and your curses – call in the professionals. That’s us.
Spring cleaning
Don’t wait for spring, have your home cleaned from top to bottom now. It will give it – and your spirit – a new lease of life.
Office cleaning
Katy and Jerry Cleaning offers a premium office-cleaning service. Our teams will take as long as needed to do a meticulous job.